Low Cost Payroll Processing from Dallas Texas

For truly low cost payroll processing, choose, based in Dallas, Texas. We let you run payroll when and where you want, simply and affordably.

No Training & No Software

With, you don't need any training or special expertise and you don't need to install any software. You will soon be able to run payroll in a little as 10 minutes.


After you are enrolled, use our systematic process to easily set up your employees. Tax payments and filings are done for you via EFTPS®. Quarterly 941s are emailed to you for signing and mailing.

Entering Information

Once you receive your login and password information, you can then enter your employee information. We upload your employee data for you if it's available in electronic format.

Ready to Submit

Once you have balanced your entries, add any comments about special requests or items you would like us to verify.

Processing & Notification

Your data is received and processed and you receive an email acknowledgement that payroll is complete.

Payroll Delivered

You receive the payroll checks in PDF format or make it easy by setting up direct deposit. You also have the option to have your checks printed and delivered (courier fee applies).

Reports Online

Payroll reports are available online, including invoices and employee check stubs.

Enter Hours Worked & Review

For hourly employees, simply enter hours worked. For salaried employees, make any necessary adjustments. You can even pay employees additional monies on separate checks. You will then view your gross totals for easy balancing.